πŸ’œ astra's space! πŸ’œ


hi there!

i'm 🌟Astra!🌟 and this is my home[page]

i work at flipper devices as a C developer, and in my free time i like to experiment with obscure and fun tech stuffs this page is basically a front to my home[server], on which i have stuff like my clown storage, a mastodon instance, and some other junk that i call "astra services"

there's also my blog, and a donation page if you want to support me!


useful info

about me

pronouns: she/they/it (in order of preference) age: years old last status:

cryptographic stuff

PGP key fingerprint: D078 84E1 756E 05ED 3ECA 7FA8 1BE5 BC0A 5692 875D PGP key: astrra.asc Keyoxide: use my web key directory or my PGP key fingerprint SSH public key: on my github

contacts and social media

e-mail: me@astrra.space matrix: @astrr:astrra.space fedi: @astrr@masto.astrra.space github: astrrra telegram: @astrra twitter: astrrra last.fm: astrrra - there could be a song but you don't have js enabled or my code broke so... hi! :3

(preferred communication methods highlited)


useless info:

favorite color: #c579ff favorite song: world.execute(me); when i was 4 i almost poked my eye out with a pencil, but i missed and now i have a small scar near my tear duct anarchism is cool, except for anarcho-capitalism i love playing splatoon 3, my mains are octobrush and bloblobber i think blockchain and cryptocurrencies are almost always dumb and can be replaced by something better however, good cryptography and distributed systems (like yggdrasil and meshtastic) are cool related meme i have a page with other people's buttons and stamps, check it out here


testimonials from REAL people

"i was forced to write this review please send hel..." - mo "has at least one leg" - ari <- has a cool new webpage, go check it out! "do not give her lemons, you’ll become homeless" - vita "good girl" - anya "whatever you do, don't tell her you are gay or she will start explaining what furi_hal is" - rozetkin "uart expert, broke a rock at least once" - hkc "why are you gay" - teidesu "my enemies to lovers friends" - jenya

submit yours to me@astrra.space!