💜 astra's space! 💜



hey soo if you like me and or the things i do, you can support me financially here!

liberapay: https://liberapay.com/astrrra/donate XMR: 47MQLvSHBrYc2pST6x4kHf8XrYsBDfDLoHuKd9pkzcur1jV5aE6UDVxAcUoG4eGe9JYLxdQNuVkzhUFouRZZECiqKn2NHCh ETH/ERC20: 0x5388141970AAA3023E8d39f68300f1cd099524ca BTC: bc1qm2qld4zhvapmy79xgprpnn89kahtc95vspncyt

or PM me if none of these work for you, i'll figure something out!

the donations will go towards hosting costs for the server that runs this site, as well as the mastodon instance and other services i run, and maybe some other stuff too!